Hey, you guys want a sneak peak at some of Josh’s llama designs for the comic? Read on, but first, some news:

– As of this writing, we’re only $116 from our first stretch goal on Kickstarter, with nine days to go! Amazing!

– Here’s a nice write-up someone did on the Kickstarter, so we figured we’d share – cause we’re flattered! http://distractingdelusions.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/k-t-w-the-list-of-three/

– I know I keep promising some big news… It’s coming! Hang on! Okay!

Anyway, here you go, some of the sketches Josh did, and different takes on the llamas. Not all of these will end up in the final product, though at least two are really close. Just thought it would be a fun treat to see what we’re working on. Thanks again for all your support, and keep the word going!