See that number up above? That’s the full amount we needed to get in order to print 300 copies of Detective Honeybear, 50 copies of the limited edition, and make all of our start-up expenses go away… And you guys made that happen. Because you are the best.

I’m completely bowled over, flattered, and honored by all your support. Now, Josh and I are going to be able to print our comic, get it into your hands, and keep on doing even more Detective Honeybear. I guess we have to make it good or something, huh? Yipes.

By December, all of you backers will have your comics in hand, as well as buttons, stickers, and any other ridiculous things you agreed to give us money for, like shirts (not so ridiculous) and your llama name (more ridiculous). For that, I can’t thank you guys enough.

“But hey, Alex,” you say. “Aren’t there fourteen days left on the Kickstarter? That’s half the time left!”

Wow, thanks for bring that up, guy who seems to ask pertinent leading questions all the time. That’s where Stretch Goals come in. The way that works is, since we have time, we’re going to add some new goals if we hit levels beyond the hundred percent, and some new fun rewards as well. So, here’s the first stretch goal:

$5,704 – If we reach this amount, we can up the order of 300 copies of “Detective Honeybear and the Mystery of the Terrible Llamas” to 1,000 copies! Here’s why that’s important: you awesome guys and gals have already snapped up over 150 copies of the initial 300 copy order. We not only got a very, very generous price break from a printer if we order a minimum of 1,000 copies, but that will also allow us to bring copies to conventions over the course of the next year. And, more importantly, it will allow us to reach out to comic book stores and get copies on the shelves. We’ve already had a handshake agreement from several stores in the NYC area to stock the book, so we need physical copies of the book to stock!

$5,880 – For just a little bit more, we can print 2,000 copies of the book. This will let us start exploring whether we can afford to list the book in the Diamond catalog, and get it out to even more shops. We’d still need to go through a submissions process, but it’s a big step in getting DH on shelves across America.

$6,112 – This will allow us to print 3,000 copies of the book! We’ll use 1,000 of those copies to make an AWESOME bonfire. Kidding, this will actually make it financially feasible to submit to Diamond. Next stop, Hollywood! Or something.

$31,800 – We will embezzle all the money you guys gave us, not print the comic, and instead buy a life size replica of the Iron Throne from HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones. If you ask nicely, we might let you sit in it, but only for two minutes, tops.

But seriously folks, the first three are real. I’ll be adding some new rewards incentives soon, and thanks to all of you again for making this possible. Even if we only make this original amount, you’ve made me a happy clam.