So many updates today, we almost don’t have room for them all! Here we go:

– You can now pre-order the third issue of Detective Honeybear on our Kickstarter. Those who have pledged before can just add a bit to their pledge to get issue #3, tentatively titled “Detective Honeybear and the Deadly Domicile” here.

– We’re going to get to do a 3,000 copy print of “Detective Honeybear and the Terrible Llamas… Which also means we can seriously look into bigger distribution methods to stores, like Diamond. We should also have waaaay more than enough for you guys, which is nice, too.

– Oh yeah, that ALSO means… FREE comiXology downloads unlocked for everyone who has pledged $10 or more. You’ll be getting those after the Kickstarter is done, but we’re so excited to be able to offer that to you all! Hooray!

– Here’s the craziest news so far, which I teased the other day: Detective Honeybear is getting published… In Germany! No joke! A really fantastic indie comics publisher called Dani Books will be publishing a German translation of the “Detective Honeybear: Special Edition” including both stories, and some bonus materials. In German. Really.

It won’t hit (German) comic book stands until next year, but in the meantime, Dani Books has their own crowd-funding project going on, for an art book about the incredible Don Rosa. Check it out here:

That’s it for now… Five days to go! Let’s do this!