Lots of updates in Kickstarter land, folks! The biggest one is that as of the writing of this post, we’re 58% of the way there with 24 days to go! So thanks everybody for your incredible support of this project, and lets keep it coming!

Now, some updates for ya:

– We added a FAQ, with some answers to questions about shipping internationally, and more! You guys like FAQs, right?

– When we hit $1,000, we opened up some new levels, including adowable T-shirts courtesy of BQT! You can snag a shirt, shipping included for $30, or for $55 you get the shirt, the comic, and some cool bonus extras. Here’s a look at a headless man wearing the shirt:

– We were at FanExpo Canada this weekend, giving out some free copies of “Detective Honeybear and the Case of the Curious Cap!” Here’s proof:

Okay, that’s it for now! Thanks to all of you guys again for your continued support, and we’ll have more news soon!