Hey You!

As of today, we’ve officially launched the Kickstarter for Detective Honeybear! The first story is free up above, of course, but for our second, full length story – “Detective Honeybear and the Mystery of the Terrible Llamas” – we’re looking for your help! We want to do a small print run, as well as a limited edition reprint of the first story. That’s where you come in! You’ve heard of this Kickstarter thing, right? If not here’s the deal:

– You donate money, even as little as one dollar.

– At different levels, you get cool rewards from us, like copies of the comic, of course; but also some llama themed rewards, the chance to get a voicemail recorded in character as Detective Honeybear, and more! We’ll also be unlocking other rewards the higher the donations go.

– If we DON’T reach our goal, which is a combo of all the money we’ve spent so far, plus printing costs, and that’s it… We get nothing. We’d rather get something, if that’s okay?

All right, enough jabber, here’s the link one more time: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/287184341/detective-honeybear-an-all-ages-mystery-comic

And below, you can check out the awesome promo art for “Terrible Llamas.” Thanks for your help donating and spreading the word!