Okay, last little character design bit – for now – that I’ll walk you through is Josh’s first few takes on Detective Honeybear himself. The one above was the first design he sent me, along with the below, alternate take:

…And as much as I love how adorable that bear is, it was probably a little too cutesy for the story we were putting together, and DH’s character in particular. Here’s a third version Josh sent me, just cause:

…Which I think I want to use at some point, just because it looks like some sort of stuffed monkey. Hm, maybe this could be Detective Honeybear’s Moriarty? What do you guys think?

Once we decided on the more serious version of the character, my main suggestion was, “Let’s see what he looks like in a trench-coat and fedora,” which of course, Josh nailed. Only suggestion then was to remove the seam…

…And viola! There’s Detective Honeybear.