Chance, of all the characters – except maybe Honeybear – went through the most iterations as Josh and I went back and forth on design. This first one was pretty swingin’, and I believe Josh was going for an angular design to contrast everyone else. But it almost seemed a little too sharp to me.

This next iteration went almost into the opposite direction… The trench-coat made him a little too much like Honeybear, and the face didn’t look Asian-American to me anymore. In fact, I think what Josh said was, “It’s really hard to make him look Asian-American to me anymore. Fun fact: did you know Chance was Asian-American? He is! Diversity!

This is the final-ish version of Chance Josh sent back… Without out and out drawing the guy, I suggested taking a look at Daniel Dae-Kim, particularly how his high cheekbones define his face. His handsome, beautiful… Point is, Josh figured out what I meant without actually doing what I asked, which is why he’s a good artist, and I’m terrible at describing what I want.

That said, I think the suit nails it.